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Men's Beachwear

Men’s beach attire can be created by combining items from their existing inventory. Here are some suggestions for styling from the Matalan website beach shirts, when I was on vacation in Uk add on some pastel-coloured shorts so that the next time you’re at the beach, you look “wow. men’s beachwear” 

What Styles Are Popular for Men’s Beachwear?

There are a variety of designs that have recently become popular for men’s beach attire. These looks combine comfort, functionality, and style to create a sophisticated and laid-back appearance suitable for a day at the beach, whether worn by men or women. 

Swim shorts: are an essential and versatile piece of men’s swimwear. They are available in an assortment of lengths ranging from above the knee to midthigh, as well as colours and patterns. Floral motifs, geometric patterns, and vivid tints are especially popular; you can find them on the website Matalan.

T-shirts with prints: T-shirts with prints are a casual and enjoyable option for men’s beachwear that has been gaining popularity recently. Ideal are T-shirts with vibrant patterns, tropical motifs, or striking graphic designs. Pair the T-shirt with neutral-coloured shorts or swim trunks to make it stand out.


Chambray or Oxford Shirts: Chambray shirts are an excellent alternative to linen shirts for the summer season. In addition to being comfortable, they have a slightly more formal appearance. Choose milder tones or pastel hues for a beachy aesthetic, and purchase it from the Matalan website.

These shirts are lightweight, breathable, and the finest option for men at the beach. They offer an elegant and comfortable appearance while keeping you cool in the sun. Choose vibrant pastels or classic whites.

Important Elements of Your Beach Outfit

A pair of fashionable bathing shorts or trunks is essential for men’s vacation outfits. Ideal swimwear consists of materials that dry quickly, have an elastic waistline, and provide a comfortable fit. Choose a style that appeals to you, whether it be solid hues, bold patterns, or whimsical designs.

Sunglasses are essential accessories for men’s vacation attire. To safeguard your eyes from the sun, invest in a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Consider styles that provide adequate coverage and complement the contour of your face.

A headgear or cap with a wide brim that shields the face, ears, and neck from direct sunlight is an essential beach accessory for males. For shore excursions, a straw fabric cap is an excellent choice.

How To Select The Ideal Color And Pattern Combinations For Your Beachwear

Consider the Setting: By considering the shore landscape, you can create colour combinations for men’s summer attire. Choose bold and vivid colours that complement the environment if you’re visiting a tropical area with gorgeous hues. Consider organic tones or pastel colours for a beach environment that is more tranquil and natural.

Skin Tone: Consider your skin tone when choosing colours for your vacation attire. Some summer fashion colours for men will complement your skin tone and improve your overall appearance, while others will contradict. Cooler tones, such as blues, greens, and purples, of men’s clothing complement fairer skin tones, whereas warmer tones, such as oranges, yellows, and reds, complement darker skin tones.

Personal Style: Colours and patterns for men’s summer fashion should complement your unique style and make you feel confident and at ease. Experiment with numerous men’s apparel combinations to determine what looks best on you.

Accessories That Will Make Your Beach Outfit Stand Out From the Crowd

Enhancing your vacation attire with accessories can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are five ways to enhance your vacation attire:

Statement Sunglasses: Choose sunglasses that stand out and reflect your personal style. Look for distinctive frames, vibrant hues, and intriguing embellishments to stand out. Aviators, circular frames, and large spectacles can add a trendy and fashionable addition to a man’s swimsuit.

what to wear to the shore in terms of accessories for men? Not only does a fashionable beach hat shield you from the sun, but it also enhances your sense of style. Wear a wide-brimmed straw hat, a floppy sun hat, or a fedora-style cap to make a fashion statement. Choose headwear with embellishments such as ribbons, colourful bands, or patterned elements for added flair. 

How to Wear Various Types of Beach Shirts and Pants

Adding versatility and variety to your beachwear by wearing a variety of shirt and trouser styles. Here are some styling tips for various types of vacation shirts and trousers from the website Matalan:

Beach shirt: Linen Button-Up Linen button-up beach shirts for men are a classic choice for a vacation ensemble. For a more relaxed appearance, wear it unbuttoned over a basic white or colorful T-shirt with the sleeves folded up. Pair it with matching swim trunks or chino shorts. Sandals or canvas shoes complete the look.

T-shirt with a graphic: A t-shirt with a graphic can add a casual and entertaining element to men’s beachwear. Pair it with solid-colored swim trunks or lightweight cotton trunks. Consider coordinating the colours of the T-shirt and trousers for a more unified look. Pair your ensemble with sneakers or sandals and a baseball cap for a sporty appearance.

Pants for beachwear:

Board shorts: are predominantly designed for water sports, but can also be worn for a beach-ready appearance. Choose surf shorts with vibrant colours and patterns. They look great paired with a white or solid-coloured tank top or a button-down blouse. 

Lightweight beach pants: Lightweight men’s beach pants are both fashionable and comfortable. Choose trousers made from breathable materials like linen or cotton. For a casual appearance, pair them with a slim-fit T-shirt or a linen shirt and turn up the cuffs slightly. Pair the ensemble with espadrilles or boat shoes for a polished appearance.

CONCLUSION: When dressing in various styles of beach ensembles for men, such as shirts, trousers, and shorts, bear in mind the weather, the beach scene, and your own personal style. Purchase these items from the Matalan website. Create a design that expresses your personality while keeping you comfortable in the sun by mixing and matching colours, patterns, and accessories. Choose a handful of your preferred accessories and use them to accent your outfit. Utilize our advice to create beachwear that stands out and catches the eye as you unwind by the water.

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