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Visiting Colombia was one of the most exciting things that I have done in my life. So I thought that I must have this experience with you so that you can even plan your journey accordingly. If you are excited to plan your travel itinerary to Colombia, America I can assure you that with this guide you can evenly plan your journey and I will make sure that you enjoy all the amazing tourist spots. Colombia Travel, I recommend you book your flights from Emirates because it gave me the best experience. Samsonite

Investigate the spectacles of Colombia, a homeland of discrepancies! You’ll be surprised by the appointment of towering steel edifices and vibrant, panoramic pueblos, immaculate beachfront and snow-capped cliffs, and viscous, lush wildernesses integrating into passionate red deserts. Our 1-week guide will bring you on a culinary expedition of delectability while you absorb yourself in every incident that reaches your way, from footing in the avenues to tubing a roaring river. Arrive and participate in the unexpected in wonderful Colombia by booking tickets from Emirates!

So, let’s explore all the travel destinations so that you can make the best of your travel journey and enjoy it a lot. Let me share the itinerary so that you can have fun on the journey. 

Travel Itinerary to Colombia

Colombia is an incredibly diverse government, bragging a pasture land of breathtaking pictures, from its turquoise blue oceans and gorgeous coasts to its towering cliffs, sprawling coffee ranches, enchanting colonial towns, and the most towering palm trees on the planet. To explore you need to explore the complete platform of Emirates so that you can plan your journey. With so much to visit and do, it would take months to uncover it all. Nevertheless, with this leading Colombia itinerary, you can investigate an assortment of goals in only three weeks.

Day 1: Bogota (Arrival)

On day 1, reach the capital metropolis of Colombia: commotion Bogota. You can easily land here by booking flights from Emirates. This municipality is often overlooked in the popularity of other metropolises on a Colombia itinerary. Nevertheless, it’s well worth pausing for a few days. The city is a melting bank of old and unknown—a destination where towering mirror skyscrapers serve the spread between ancient colonial constructions and mammoth murals.

Where to stay in Bogota

Stay in the stunning place of La Candelaria with its tranquil pedestrian avenues and brilliantly painted cottages. It’s also the most noncontroversial surroundings in Bogota and is a practical length from all the items to do in the metropolis. 

Day 2: Bogota

On the second daylight, begin your day with a delectable Colombian breakfast named Bandeja Paisa. Afterward, you can enter a roadway art term where you’ll scour the piece of CRISP and the complicated connection between avenue artists and the authority. Nowadays, artists in Bogota want more imaginative liberation and are less probable to be distressed, resulting in the municipality being decorated with spirited murals. This is an amazing place to explore and to have the best experience book your tickets now from Emirates.

Monserrate Mountain, Bogota

In the afternoon, I believe dwelling on the unexpected Monserrate cliff rise in Bogota. While hiking is an alternative, it can bring up to 4 hours and the path is only convenient in the light. We propose accepting the cable car or funicular rather for a greasier and faster occasion.

Day 3: Bogota to Tatacoa Desert 

For Day 3, wake up before and start your travels to the Tatacoa Desert, and you can do a 7-hour bus passage out. Despite the prolonged expedition, the spectacular topography of Tatacoa makes it all practical. While the atmosphere in this space can be enormously hot, it obtains a surprisingly elevated charge of precipitation, resulting in a more overgrown terrain that technically isn’t a dedicated desert.

Where to stay in Tatacoa

If you’re examining an original desert stargazing venture, Tatacoa Desert suggests a spectrum of lodgings and glamping alternatives. Nevertheless, if you choose more concession opportunities, including resorts with pools, regarding visiting the nearby Townley of Villavieja. It’s best to have a 10-minute tuk-tuk passage from there to the desert.

Day 4: Tatacoa Desert

Day 4 is here, and it’s the moment to investigate Colombia’s best-kept unknown: the fantastic Tatacoa Desert! Leap in a tuk-tuk and venture on your time of the 2 deserts. If you are in a red desert, you’ll discover distinct minerals which form a rainbow effect. 

Devour a day here wandering among the supernatural geographies and, in the dusk, stargaze in one of the numerous attractive locations on earth. There are shocking luminaries because there is practically no watery breakdown in Tatacoa.

Day 5: Tatacoa to Salento

The movement from Tatacoa to Salento bears approximately 7 hours, and back north to Bogota. Ensure to maintain your sights unrestricted for unimaginable ideas as you creep up into the leafy peaks of Colombia’s most well-known coffee region. 

Day 6: Salento

Salento is a must-visit terminus for anyone preparing a 3-week journey in Colombia. Located in the spirit of the peaks and coffee plateaus, it boasts some of the numerous spectacular topography in the nation. The renowned Cocora Valley is an excellent example, characterizing palm trees that are the most elevated on the planet, set against a background of lush verdant hills and misty peaks. It’s frankly awe-inspiring.

Day 7: Salento

On day 7, appreciate the satisfaction of this Colombia town by planning your journey from the Emirates. The principal street, Calle Real, is streaked with multicolored storefronts in all the blushes of the rainbow. Ensure to arrive earlier before the marts unclogged (before 9 AM) so you can catch the paints at their most promising before the doorways are open.


This is the complete guide for Colombia where you can enjoy and have fun in just a week. No matter how much time you are traveling, you just need to manage your schedule so that you can make your vacation worthwhile. So, if you are planning here, then don’t forget to consider a travel itinerary to Colombia. I must say that booking your travel journey from Emirates can give you the best experience of your life. 

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