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Best Highlights in the UK

If you are examining a two-week trip in the country of the United Kingdom itinerary that contains Ireland, you have reached the proper place. This travel itinerary to the UK highway trip itinerary has you beginning in London, and using a rental car from Discovercars as the transport strategy. It shields some of our best highlights in the UK, which contains metropolises, palaces, and dazzling untouched decor.

I have spent a great bargain of a period living in and researching the UK. I’ve pulled on my adventures trekking here to put together my amazing two-week UK voyage to support you design your trip. This UK guide protects Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. It’s a self-drive highway trip, although could even be changed to sustain travel by shared transport if you prefer. But I recommend renting a vehicle from Discovercars as it can give the best experience which will make your road trip smooth and budget-friendly. You can go anywhere and pick the right expense for your journey. 

If you haven’t pushed in the UK back, do review my handbook to Compelling in the UK for generous tips. Are you ready to explore my travel road journey from Discovercars it gave me a smooth and stress-free journey. 

Travel Itinerary to the UK Summary

I have been traveling to United Kingdom cities on wheels and trust me the two weeks were so relaxing that it helped me with all the major things. Well, If I honestly tell you how I mapped out my expedition then here is it all. 

  • Days 1 and 2: London
  • Days 3 and 4: Oxford & the Cotswolds
  • Days 5 and 6: Peak District and Manchester
  • Day 7: York
  • Days 8 and 9: Edinburgh via Northumberland
  • Days 10, 11, and 12: Ireland
  • Day 13: South Wales and Cardiff
  • Day 14: Bristol or Bath
  • Day 15: Back to London, through Stonehenge!

These places I have explored on my journey and I can say that by Discovercars I was able to explore all these destinations according to scheduled planning. Do you know why? The reason is that the rental cars on Discovercars were so smooth and they gave me wonderful rides, Best Highlights in the UK. 

There was no damage and I was able to get my best car under reasonable charges. What’s left? So, you can refer to the same platform if you want the exact experience of mine

Is It Possible to Cover All?

A prevalent inquiry from readers that can raise your brain is whether or not this can be accomplished by rental transportation. I admire the answer to this question of course and there is a possibility that everyone may not desire to move to the UK, and the explanation, for the most part, is affirmative. Many individuals love to travel on wheels like me especially when platforms like Discovercars give you the best experience. 

Particularly, between the enormous cities we usually prefer the trains so that we can move from one to another fast. But sometimes going for them is not suitable when you desire to enjoy the paths. When you are exploring the routes you can watch so many things that can give you the most pleasant view. Not only that, you can even check out the hidden places. This is only possible when you are on the wheels.  

Another thing that makes it great is that rental cars from Discovercars can give you the best automobiles under your budget so that you can travel without any hindrances. If you want a smooth plus reasonable journey then it is merely possible when you check out Discovercars. 

Another alternative is to count on some daytimes in London or Edinburgh and accomplish some typical day journeys from these metropolises to carry out the out-of-town interests.

For illustration, there is this daytime journey from London that carries in appeals such as Stonehenge and Bath. For the Scottish Borders and Northumbria, it consists of lovely Alnwick Castle, believe this trip from Edinburgh. If you want all these things and glance them from your eyes then you can surely pick the best rentals from Discovercars.

If you are inquisitive about accomplishing this itinerary by rental cars, check out my directory to get a 10-day UK trip by rental transport, as I have already told you how I planned my excursion and it was held in the same way, Best Highlights in the UK. 

When to Visit the UK

You can see the UK at any moment of the year, although for the most pleasing temperature and more extended day hours, I would surely recommend dwelling in the warmer months that is from May to September. You must be thinking why? The answer is:

May is presumably our famous duration of the year, the climate is usually perfectly appropriate for journeys on roads but the traveler gatherings are not too severe.

Christmas, and the course showing up to Christmas, can likewise be a stunning moment to visit when the highways and marts are all dazzlingly lit and trimmed for the cheerful season. 

So I can say that Christmas time is also great because you can have the most decorated view of the places while you are on the wheel. But I just want to recommend one thing you need to book the rental cars in advance so that you can get the best price from Discovercars because this is the peak time and you can discover the hustle and bustle in the city


So, this is my travel itinerary to the UK which gave me an amazing experience choosing the finest platforms of Discovercars as they provided me with budget-friendly cars for my trip, Best Highlights in the UK.

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