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Tourist Attractions in Paris

Paris is a panoramic dream goal. This place is spread over the drifts of the Seine River in France on the northern side, it stands as an escape for existing one of those flashy municipalities of the globe, tourist attractions in Paris. Its cityscape dazzles with stunning architecture of chronological memorials and vintage castles, expansive landscaped parks, cathedrals, art museums, and stylish shopping corners with attractions of Paris. 

The mesmerizing moments of claims, representing the timeless magnificence of Paris, daze a regular guest as much as they stun a first-timer. The reason to come here is to view the incredible locations to stay in Paris. It is believed to be one of the multiple gorgeous locations on the facade of the world. A holiday to Paris can offer you a whole unique expedition adventure.

Taking a trip to Paris at least once in your lifetime is definitely on everyone’s list. Whether it is to indulge in the romantic aura of the city or to enjoy the views of the Eiffel Tower, Paris has a lot to offer. When you lay your foot in the city, you will realize that even a few weeks are not enough to do justice to everything there is to see in Paris. 

The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Art Museum, the stunning Eiffel Tower, the French Open Grand Slam, the Paris Fashion Week, and the Tour de France are considered the most popular places in France and thrilling interests that entice mates, historians, families, and shutterbugs to see Paris and come here from all around the world. These are the locations that carry the true attractiveness and the glamor of the city. To put it in other words, missing out on these locations will make your journey to Paris an unfinished one. 

In a city where there are countless places where one would like to go and cover, it often becomes tricky to plan your trip in a way that lets you go everywhere and not miss out. While we cannot tell you where you should go and which tourist attractions are worth skipping, we can give you a list of all attractions in Paris. According to your likes and dislikes, you can pick and choose from the list given below. 

Attractions of Paris

This place is one terminus that no tourist can oppose seeing, be it for its technique week, or only wandering around in the dazzling highways and the areas to stay in Paris will be compelling if you are stretching the different exquisiteness which will be an unforgettable adventure in this city. So let’s together explore the amazing places that are in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

Everyone has heard of the Eiffel Tower, but not many have yet had the chance to visit it. Did you know that this monument is one of the most visited monuments in the world and has about 7 million visitors a year? It has 3 floors in total and the best view is from the second floor. This is because it has a diving view of the ground below. While you have the option of taking the lift, you can also climb the steps and get a little adventurous!

Notre Dame Cathedral

This is a Roman Catholic Cathedral. The sculptures and the architecture here are a sight to see. The right way to experience this destination is by walking around the cathedral first and then climbing the 387 steps that take you to the top of the tower. Even though the steps may sound too much, the view at the top is completely worth it.

Cruise on the Seine

Go on this cruise at night. This is because when the sun starts setting, that is when the monuments are slowly lit up. The cruise gives you a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and many more famous buildings. Since Paris is also known as the city of lights, this is the best way to experience what it means.


While this place may sound childish, there are so many things to do here other than just the rides. It is a treat for all age groups. The attraction has two theme parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. Disneyland is known for its huge Sleeping Beauty Castle which a lot of visitors come to see and get a tour of. 

Moulin Rouge

This is known to be the spiritual birthplace of the renowned French Cancan. This is located in the heart of Pigalle and was initially a courtship dance. Today, it is not just a cabaret but is also known for providing entertainment to all kinds of visitors from all across the globe. tourist attractions in Paris, If you do plan to go here, make sure you book tickets in advance since there is no chance you will get them on the spot.

The Louvre

This place is located in the core of the metropolis, The Louvre is the multiple seen and most famous art gallery and museum on the fundamental planet. It is even among the most beautiful sites to dwell in Paris. This is one of the most crowded visitor areas to visit in Paris, this splendid and exotic gallery is separated into multiple sections – oriental antiquities, Islamic art, Egyptian antiquities, paintings, Greek and Roman art, sculptures of medieval time, objects of art, and expressive craft to name a few.


So these are some of the fabulous attractions of Paris that you can explore when you are coming to this place. It is a wonderful city that can give you the most wonderful experience and I am sure that you will not regret coming here with attractions of Paris.

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