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Top Beaches in the World

Not that I want to talk about science, but all of us already know that the Earth is made up of 71% water. This means that our planet is home to thousands of places and beaches with breathtaking views and calm waves. Whether it is in India or abroad, we can never get enough of visiting top beaches in world. 

While we do have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to which city we want to take our next trip to, most of us prefer going to a destination with beaches. It is the serenity and the peace that comes with it. The tan and the sand are just an added advantage!

There are so many cities with beautiful beaches that it can be difficult to decide where you want to go for your next vacation. Since I am a beach lover, I have done all my research and have visited 15+ cities with beaches! You will not believe that the only reason I took these trips was to enjoy the beach and the calm. Given below are my top beaches and attractions that I visited and felt like their beauty is unmatched. If you do plan to take a trip soon, consider these in your list of options.

The first item that crosses one’s senses upon attending the word “summer” is that of holidays. As thrilling as it may be, choosing the most suitable summer holiday termini in the globe for a flawless vacation, is a tiresome chore in itself. This is how we did our homework for you and gathered the most suitable top summer break destinations that will shift your multinational trip into an epic adventure.

From funding to extravagant places, you will discover several alternatives to pick from. We have wrapped it all – North and South, East and West. Each destination on the index is remarkable in its entirety and reloads you with chilliness. So, if you desire to devour one of the most pleasing summer vacations on the earth, then allow the scrolling to start!

Places and Top Beaches In The World

Reethi Rah, Maldives

Who would say no to a vacation to the Maldives? However, if you do take a vacation there, you might end up going to beaches that are not that good but just sound fancy. Reethi Rah is one of the most stunning beaches on the planet. It is home to popular resorts and also has white sand that meets the turquoise lagoon shoreline. Reethi Rah is on a private island and has its own time zone!

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa 

The beach is known for its scenery. The water on the beach is of turquoise and emerald-streaked shades and is backed by blues. The shade of the blue depends on the season and the water is strikingly cold. The current here comes straight from Antarctica and a beach is a place for famous sundowner parties during the summer season.

Railay Beach, Thailand

The beach is located on a small peninsula that you can only reach by boat ride. Trust me, this boat ride is worth taking! The sand is shimmery and powdery with a picture-perfect lagoon. You can also see a dense jungle with high cliffs. You can rock climb these cliffs and also swim through underground caves and end up finding secret lagoons! 


Achieve your imagination of seeing the Arctic Circle by accepting a voyage to Greenland, it is one of the most acceptable vacation destinations on earth. Greenland is an excellent area for a panoramic boat journey that will bring you across diverse icebergs and you can have a stimulating meeting with walruses, whales, and many more ocean animals.

I must tell you one thing, it can be your best holiday goal on the earth in summer when this location will have more extended days and shorter evenings, offering you more moments to indulge in entertaining activities during the day in places and beaches. So, if you are looking for an excellent destination you can include Greenland in your list and you can come here, especially during June.


This wonderful city is understood for its impressive rock constructions that have shelters with antique Islamic reminders. Combined with the exotic civilization and captivating history of Turkey, this place is excellent for a journey with family, an idealistic honeymoon, or a solo adventure, making it one of the most suitable locations to explore in May.

The balloon-studded atmospheres of Cappadocia aren’t the greatest thing that draws people here. You are equally frittered away by its complicated undercover cities, shelters, and canyons that will drive your desire to stay here permanently. Visit this stunning lodging and notice why this is one of the most suitable summer places and top beaches in the world.


It is world-famous for its stunning summer temperature, tough British sentries that stand beyond the venerable Buckingham Palace, and the mouthwatering fish and chips that will hold you reaching around for more! You can explore this place in May as it can offer you a bunch of activities and you can even get to know the locals as well. This is also a crowded place because of the charming celebrations like Pancake Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Beer Week. This place is so exciting for you to visit.


So these are some of the most wonderful places that you can explore and make your vacation even more exciting. The beaches of these places are great where you can have a lot of fun and also take part in multiple activities and the top beaches in the world.

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