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Iceland is an accommodation to some of the planet’s most breathtaking scenery. Here, nature is so untamed that it is almost unearthly, luring you into its majestic space-like landscape. On, you can tailor your trip from end-to-end by scouring satisfactory flights and making your flight reservations before proceeding with your hotel arrangements. 

The incredible scenery includes tectonic plates, glaciers, natural hot springs, and thundering waterfalls. When staring out over the never-ending North Atlantic Ocean, the island can feel like the end of the world. Iceland’s inhabitants are remarkably resilient as a result of the violence and marvel of its natural treasures. Yet they are also exquisitely friendly and warm, living in sync with the changing seasons and pristine nature.


Iceland’s softer side is reflected in its colourful settlements, fields of purple lupine flowers, and magnificent churches. This attractiveness is nothing short of potent. Especially when surrounded by black sand beaches, active volcanoes, and thrilling geothermal activity.

Voyage in Iceland

In all seasons, travelling in Iceland is a lovely experience. Choose the snowy winter months for skiing, ice cave exploration, and viewing the Northern Lights. An unforgettable experience! Alternately, select spring and summer to travel to all corners of the island by car. Witness the enchanting sight of untamed horses galloping through beautiful summer vegetation and majestic whales in the ocean. Iceland will inspire a sense of exploration and adventure at any time or location, which is highly addictive!

Observe the casacde

Iceland as the waterfall king. You are unlikely to witness as many waterfalls in one trip anywhere else as you will in Iceland. The most beautiful waterfalls are located in the south of Iceland, but if you have the time, you should drive the ultimate Iceland tour throughout the entire nation.

Traverse the artistic community of Seydisfjordur

The little town of Seydisfjordur lies off the beaten path in Iceland. This art-influenced village in the far east of Iceland is home to only about 600 people. Wednesdays saw the arrival of a ferry to Denmark from this port.

Getting to the town requires a breathtaking 30-minute ride over a snowy mountain, which is a highly recommended activity in Iceland.

Stroll at Kolugljúfur Canyon

Kolugljufur is our favourite Icelandic location. This canyon is only a fifteen-minute dirt road drive from the ring road and is unknown to the majority of tourists. This is mostly because it cannot be seen from the main road.

Appreciate the Icelandic wild horses

If your route through Iceland wasn’t already enchanted, the Icelandic horses will make it even more so. You will see horses and sheep by the side of roads around the nation. You may be shocked to find yourself in a traffic gridlock created by these lovely creatures.

Photograph the most picturesque churches

Every town, regardless of size, has a magnificent church (kirkja). Try looking for signs that conclude in the word “kirkja.” Our favourites are located close to Hellissandur.

Stop-by Iceland during Lupine Season

In the summer, lupine blossoms can be found all over the country. Typically, its flowering time spans the first two weeks of June. These purple beauties add a wonderful touch to your Iceland photographs.

Soak in one of the Natural Hot Springs

No matter how chilly it gets in Iceland, you can always warm yourself in one of the country’s numerous hot springs. The majority of them are man-made, and the natural hot springs are all situated in breathtaking landscapes. Make sure to visit Hrunalaug & Landbrotalaug.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula In western Iceland is the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Kirkjufell is one of the most photographed locations in Iceland. Visit a crater in the national park, the black church, an art town, and of course, Kirkjufell in this gorgeous area.

Stokksnes, Vestrahorn

Stokksnes, also known as Vestrahorn, is a landscape of black dunes with a mountain range in the background. It is a short thirty-minute journey from Hofn to the city. This place is private property, so a fee of $8 is required.

Iceland: campervan lodging

We are not campers. During our two-week tour of Iceland, though, we would never have missed the opportunity to camp in a campervan. The ability to drive wherever you like and stay at any campsite gives you the ultimate flexibility to travel through Iceland as quickly or slowly as you choose.

The view from Dyrhólaey

The 5-minute trip to the Dyrholaey viewpoint. You will be rewarded with a view of Kirkjufjara’s black sand beach, Dyrholaey Arch, and puffins if you’re lucky. Dyrholaey is in close proximity to the famed camping town of Vik.

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